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Welcome to our website. In these pages you will find just about every commercially available feather in the world. Feathers are a fascinating product. The uses are endless. Feathers have an incredible variety of colors, textures, shapes and sizes. We are sure you will find what you are looking for here. If there is feather you need but can't find, the chances are we can get it - just drop us a line at or call 702-598-0988.

COLORS - We've got them all. Need to match that impossible shade of purple, no problem. Send us a sample, we'll get it right and best of all you can usually get your feathers in days, not weeks. Our standard colors are: White, Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Orange, Kelly Green, Purple, Royal Blue, Turquoise and Hot Pink. Dye Charge for colors other than standard: Feathers sold per pound - $15.00 for 1/2 pound and $25.00 for full pound. Feathers sold by the yard: $15.00 per yard. In some cases, the dye charge will be waived depending on quantity ordered. Please call for quote.                                                                  COLOR GUIDE

A note about the photos of feathers you will see here: The best cameras and highest resolution images can not do justice to the beauty of feathers. We hope the photos here will give you some idea of the shape and texture of the different types of feathers but they cannot come close to showing the real thing. Additional photos can be emailed upon request.

Pricing Note: ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. The pricing on the following pages is intended as a guideline. We strive to keep our pages updated, however due to the constant fluctuation of pricing on feathers from time to time the price may increase before we can make that change on the website. We will confirm all pricing when you place your order.  

A note about our dye: All our dyes are non toxic and non hazardous. However, the dyes available for feathers are NOT colorfast. If you get the feather wet sometimes the color will transfer.  This is not the case with all colors all the time, but generally happens with the deeper shades of royal, black, purple and reds.



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