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PACKAGES   We have all kinds and all colors of package feathers. There are soft feathers and stiff feathers. The more expensive soft feathers are   packaged  1/16 oz, the medium priced feathers are packaged 1/8 oz and the least expensive feathers are packaged 1/4 oz. The stiff feathers are packaged  from 1 to 12 to the package. The prices are for our standard colors. For custom color please add 1.00 per package.

ALL PACKAGES    1.25 EACH                                                 (Except Where Otherwise Noted)

10 package minimum order. (All same feather and color).


Turkey Flats 1/4oz
Turkey Plumage 1/4oz
Turkey Marabou 1/8oz
Turkey Marabou Tips 1/16oz
Turkey Wing   solid colors, left or right wing 1dz / $3.75
Turkey Wing    imitation eagle, left or right wing 1dz / $5.75



Neck Hackle / loose 1/16oz
Saddle Hackle / loose 1/16oz
Chicken Breast / loose 1/16oz
Hackle Pads $1.50 each

Goose Feathers




Pointers  8" / 12" Dozen/$4.75
Biots / stiff or soft 1/16oz/$2.50

Pheasant Feathers  

There are many different kinds of feathers on each bird. The rooster body   feathers are called  small hearts-large hearts-almond-green almond-hairy feathers.The tail feathers are about 4"-25" The female has cream colored body feathers.+ 


Loose Body Feathers (call for pricing) N/A
Pheasant Pads $1.75 each

Guinea Hen

Loose Body Feathers /2nd grade

Wing Feathers (Call for availability) N/A
Guinea Pads $1.75 each

Peacock Feathers

Body feathers and tail feathers

Peacock Blue-body feathers  (Call for availability) N/A